We are passionate about our work

Given their passion for olive oil, José Luis Calpe and Teresa Blasco decided to create in 2009 a range of high quality products derived from the “Serrana de Espadán” olive variety that grows in the natural park of Sierra Calderona, close to the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

The historic “Belluga” building, in the ancient quarter of Segorbe (Castellón), gives name to our company and it is also the venue of the Olive Oil Museum, where our family has been producing since the beginning of the 20th. century.

Our Products

Our specialty products are 100% natural, without preservatives, additives nor artificial colouring.
The extra virgin olive oil as well as the rest of olive-derived products come from the local olive variety “Serrana de Espadán”, which grows in the Sierra Calderona Natural Park.
Our range is home and handmade, contributing to the promotion of the olive oil culture as well as of the Mediterranean diet.
We also promote the conservation of our natural surroundings as well as of the thousand year old olive trees present in the area.