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That’s in the commitment to a city and a field born initiatives that this young company of Segorbe was launched: Segortur S.L.

Teresa Blasco, Jose Luis Calpe and Luis Blasco are partners – and also a family – this company began in 2005 to manage the apartments La Belluga which are attached to what is now the Museum of the oil of Segorbe. In 2006, with the opening of the museum itself, they became the official guide’s accredited of the museum. To promote a tourism of quality, and for his work, the Museum oil received the award for tourism in 2008, price offered by the Town Hall of Segorbe and the Tourist Office.

If something attracts the eye in this young company is the vitality that they put into their projects. We want to really promote Segorbe, and not only the religious-artistic heritage – what is already a lot – but also make known its gastronomic heritage and its agriculture; «is said, put all resources Segorbe in value,» said Teresa. The celebration of the light of the Imáqenes in the year 2000 served as impetus to the honour of Segorbe. A Thousand of visitors flock to the capital of the Alto Palancia and since a revitalization funded by the Ministry of tourism and the City Council of Segorbe. With the consolidation of the tourism entrepreneurs all this served to boost tourism in Segorbe.

As managers of the La Belluga – a former mill building, which houses the Museum of oil and the rural apartments, made a step further. They are recognized as a tourist guide Castellón – although they work in Valencia – and within the museum guide of their facilities as well as the mill and the press, among other instruments. They have a store where they offer typical products of the area which some of them green.

If visits are carried out with children, the Museum has several interactive activities, where audio-visual facilities through explains the process for the development of an oil – product related to the region – didactically and entertaining: in fact, in 2008, the Museum of Segorbe oil received the first national award for the promotion and dissemination of the culture of the olive tree awarded by the Spanish Association of municipalities of the olive (AEMUS). On the other hand, the Museum Shop is a true window to products which are produced in the region: hams, cheeses, pâtés and crafts of wood, among others.

And it is in this line where it begins a new project Segortur. They were launched on the market of the gourmet with a handicraft product: oil La Belluga. Oil of the author, with varieties of Sierra Espadán: 80% of the Espadán serrana and the rest of borriolenca and arbequina. They are now at stage of commercialization, barely three months that it would have been launched and already you can find it in the stores of Segorbe and Barcelona, waiting to distribute in Valencia delicatessen stores.

Since segortur the city is more open to the public and also allowed it to be on the map of the roads of the community of Valencia which must not be lost.

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