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Olive oil products awared for young agricultural initiative


Belluga Gourmet Company from Segorbe has won FIRST PRIZE FOR YOUNG AGRICULTURAL INITIATIVE 2010 given by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food from the Valencian Regional Government.

The award recognizes the work of Belluga Gourmet, in the two years of its existence, which has managed to market a complete line of products based on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its variety of Serrana de Espadán, and promote the culture of olives and oil.

It is worth mentioning its olive pâtés line that has been expanding to a total of nine different tastes: green olive pâté, black olive pâté, green olive pâté with almonds, black olive pâté with orange, green olive pâté with capers, green olive pâté with nuts and Espadán herbs, black olive pâté with brandy, black olive pâté with chocolate and black olive pâté with nuts and Espadán herbs. The craft jams are also part of this great project, among those that stand out are the olive one, the rose petals and pepper one without forgetting the classic jams: the black fig one, the tomato one and the delicious one made of wild strawberries with Modena vinegar and black pepper.

Likewise, Belluga Gourmet produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil from a new harvest, Belluga Selection, which is unfiltered cold processed oil made from the first olives (varieties of Espadán Serrana and Borriol) that are harvested in October. However, the most innovative product produced by Belluga Gourmet is the extra virgin olive oil gum drops which were presented at the Madrid International Gourmet Fair. It is a case containing 6 gummies made by using the above mentioned Belluga Selection oil and aromatized with different flavours: strawberry, orange, lemon, mocha, chocolate and mint, in other words, a new fun and enjoyable way to consume oil.

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