Belluga Selection Olive Oil

  • Aceite de Oliva Selección
  • Aceite de Oliva Selección

A Gastronomic Delight

Aceites Belluga

  • Aceite de Oliva Selección

Large consumption : high quality olive oil for use in raw, packed for catering, restaurant and home uses.

Everything you need to know about Belluga oil

The olives are harvested in an ideal moment, at the very beginning of their ripening, which usually coincides with the last days of October, achieving better results in aroma and taste, as well as antioxidant properties due to a greater presence in contents of minor components such as polyphenols, vitamin E, etc.

Harvest is made only from olives that come directly from the trees, and immediately transported to the mill for their processing, with no more than 12 hours between picking and extraction, which allows a very low acidity (<0,1%).

Cold extraction takes place under 22ºC, with a very short malaxing time, less than 25 minutes, thus obtaining a very low yield (<10%) but achieving nonetheless an excellent preservation of the volatile elements that are responsible for the quality of the aromas, the antioxidant components and the low content in wax and peroxides.

The oil obtained from centrifugation is decanted naturally and stored in stainless steel deposits, protected from light, oxygen and kept at a constant temperature.

Bottling is made upon demand, keeping the oil in perfect conservation conditions as long as possible.

The town of Segorbe is located between the natural parks of Sierra de Espadán and Sierra Calderona, in the valley of the Palancia river (Castellón province, Valencia region), and just 30 km from the Mediterranean coast, enjoying a mild climate, ideal for olive tree agriculture.

As a sample of the perfect adaptation of olives to the land, is the presence of several thousand-year-old trees in our area. With very little rain but with abundance of subterranean water there is a mix of both intensive irrigated orchards of new olive trees (in the valleys) and with terraces of ancient trees grown in dry land (in the mountainous area).

The existence of aromatic herbs, as well as almond and other fruit trees near the olive tree plantations, together with a clay-lime type of soil, are also factors that add special characteristics and an intense fruity level to the resulting olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is a natural juice made from olives, and a fundamental pillar of Mediterranean diet.

It is rich in oleic acid and other components like polyphenols, tocopherols and Vitamin E. These components help to reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol (LDL), and thus preventing heart related diseases, as well as arterial obstruction and hypertension.

Its antioxidant effects prevent the formation of free radicals, which enhance cellular ageing and generate some types of cancer.

EVOO also stimulates digestive secretions which favour better digestions, weight loss and reduction of stomach ulcers.

The Serrana de Espadán variety produces sweet and aromatic oils, with a great balance and a high content in oleic acid, being low in acidity. If made from green olives, the resulting oil is very stable with high contents of polyphenols. These are excellent oils for their use as condiment to salads, vegetables, toast or fish, and ideal for a wide spectrum of consumers, specially children, given the fact that it is not bitter nor spicy.

The Belluga extra virgin olive oil is an olive juice made from the first harvested olives at the beginning of their ripening, which usually takes place at the end of October. It is a coupage made with Sierra de Espadán olives (80%), as well as other local varieties, cold extracted and naturally decanted, allowing the enhancement of all of the aromas of very healthy olives with have high contents of the minor elements that give the oil great stability in time. Its acidity is lower than 0,1%.

Having a greenish golden colour, it presents a medium fruit intensity, with combinations of green and ripe notes, with aromas from tomatoes, green olives, dried fruits and aromatic herbs. There is a very low intensity of bitterness and a very light spicy note to the mouth. Almonds, banana and artichoke are perceived, in a fluid, smooth and sweet passage.